We plan to add many additional EVM-compatible blockchains and DEXes in the near future.

Supported Chains

Use the chain ID values below for the chain_id parameter in the URL.

ChainAccepted Identifiers
Ethereumeth, ethereum, 1
BNB Smart Chain (BSC)bsc, 56
Basebase, 8453
Blastblast, 81457
Polygonpoly, polygon, 137
Fantomftm, fantom, 250
Aribitrumarb, arbitrum, 42161
Optimismopt, optimism, 10
Avalancheavax, avalanche, 43114
Gnosis (xDAI)gnosis, xdai, 100
Harmonyharmony, 1666600000
KuCoin Community Chain (KCC)kcc, 321
Cronoscronos, 25
Oasisoasis, 42262

Supported DEXes

ChainSupported DEXes
EthereumUniswap v2/v3, SushiSwap v2, ShibaSwap
BNB Smart Chain (BSC)Uniswap v2/v3, PancakeSwap v1/v2/v3, ApeSwap, PadSwap
PolygonUniswap v2/v3, QuickSwap, ApeSwap
FantomSpiritSwap, SpookySwap
ArbitrumUniswap v2/v3, SushiSwap v2
OptimismUniswap v2/v3
BaseUniswap v2/v3, PancakeSwap v2/v3, SushiSwap v2, BaseSwap, RocketSwap, LeetSwap
BlastThruster v2
AvalancheUniswap v2/v3, Pangolin, Trader Joe
Gnosis (xDAI)Coming soon
HarmonyComing soon
KuCoin Community Chain (KCC)KoffeeSwap
CronosCrodex, CronaSwap

Supported Token/Liquidity Lockers

ChainSupported Lockers
EthereumTeam Finance, UNCX, Unilocker, PinkLock, OnlyMoons, GemPad
BNB Smart Chain (BSC)Team Finance, UNCX, PinkLock, Mudra, DeepLock, Unilocker, CryptEx, OnlyMoons, GemPad
PolygonTeam Finance, UNCX, Unilocker, OnlyMoons, GemPad
FantomTeam Finance
ArbitrumUNCX, OnlyMoons, GemPad
OptimismComing soon
BaseTeam Finance, UNCX, PinkLock, BaseSwap Locker, OnlyMoons, GemPad
BlastComing soon
AvalancheUNCX, OnlyMoons
Gnosis (xDAI)Coming soon
HarmonyComing soon
KuCoin Community Chain (KCC)Coming soon
OasisComing soon