Status Codes

Status CodeMessageDescription
200OKRequest was fulfilled successfully.
400Bad requestThe request was rejected due to a missing or invalid parameter.
401UnauthorizedAPI key is missing or expired.
403Permission deniedAPI key does not have permission to access the requested resource.
404Not foundResource not found. If this status code is returned for a "Get Token" request on a new token then retry the request after 1-2 minutes.
405Method not allowedAn unsupported method was specified.
429Rate limit exceededRequest limit for given API key was exceeded.
500Internal server errorAn internal error occurred, please contract support.

Response Times

EndpointTypical Response Time (s)
Get Token
* default (token info and scam status)0.1 - 0.4
* including score, metrics, and test results (include_metrics=true and/or include_tests=true) with token info and scam status. Response time is slower (2-5 seconds) if results need to be refreshed which can happen every 5-30 minutes.0.1 - 5
Get Address0.1 - 1
List Malicious Tokens2 - 5
List Malicious Addresses2 - 5